How to Make Detox Easy and (dare I say) Fun

I don’t know about you, but just hearing the word “detox” can be a little intimidating to me.

I mean, I like to eat! And aren’t detox programs all about crazy juice cleanses, fasting, just eating soups, and feeling hungry all the time? Aren’t hunger pangs, irritability, and fatigue the telltale signs that a detox is “working”? Well, as much as I want to improve my health, decrease bloating, and feel refreshed, those things don’t sound like a fun way to get there.

Something I learned over my time spent studying nutrition, and then through my own personal detox experience, is that detox really doesn’t have to be that way. What a relief, right?

Upon seeing the fabulous results of a short detox on my own body – brighter skin! less brain fog! so much more energy! and so much less daily bloat! – I knew a detox program would and should be a part of my practice. I need to share what I learned about using food to enhance the body’s innate cleansing processes, which are so often dampened and hindered by the toxic burden of our diet, stress, and our everyday environmental exposure to toxins.

But like I said, I like LOVE to eat. And I’m talking about eating real food, not meal replacements, a ton of supplements, or just slurping on smoothies (although you know I do swear by my daily green smoothie). That’s why when I began working on my detox program, I knew it had to contain lots of honest-too-goodness real, nourishing, fill-me-up meals and snacks that:

  • consist of foods that naturally support the body’s natural detoxing organs (like the liver, lungs, colon, skin); foods that supply the necessary nutrients to ramp up these cleansing process and get all that waste and toxic buildup up and out of our systems, and foods that give my immune system a boost (because who has time to be sick?). Foods that help me reboot, renew, and revitalize!
  • contain foods that are found in abundance during the current season, as our bodies naturally crave the current harvest and use their nutrients and energies to help us balance during the change of seasons.
  • are meals and foods that you’ll want to make into a permanent part of your diet. Some of my most favorite feel-good foods are in here that I use weekly (or even daily!)
  • keep me satisfied. There is no point in starving yourself and suffering through a grumbling belly all day, as severe calorie restriction is unsustainable; plus, one of my nutrition mantras has always been “eat when you are hungry; don’t eat when you’re not.” Furthermore, the foods in this program fuel your body with what you need, rather than empty calories and processed junk.

Here’s just one recipe I just had to include – Sweet Potato Hash. It’s meant to be a nourishing hot breakfast, but I recently made it for dinner as well. I’ve decided it’s delicious any time of day! 🙂


If you, like me, love to eat and desire to give your body and health that boost you need –

  • to lose a few stubborn pounds
  • get rid of bloat
  • gain a pile of energy
  • bump up your immune system as we move into cooler weather
  • decrease your stress, or
  • just learn the ways to truly fuel your unique body for success and health

then please check out my brand new, signature “Revitalize Your Body” Fall Detox Program!

With one simple click, you’ll gain access to 77 chef-created recipes (and a shopping list and guide to make things simple and stress-free) that will help jump start your metabolism and enhance you digestion, as well as the necessary tools to learn how to fuel your unique body in a way that is not only free of denial and deprivation, but also simply delicious.

Check out all the details (AND A SPECIAL LIMITED TIME PRICE – a savings of almost $120!) to see how you can get yourself REVITALIZED in just 11 days!

I am so excited to finally be launching this amazing program!! Take a peak for yourself of all the goodies I have in store for you:

appy Friday everyone!!

DO, Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer


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