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Welcome to the Holistic Shape Up blog!

My name is Sarah Schott, and I’m 27 years old and currently living York, PA. I’m trained as a physician (DO); I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer, Women’s Fitness Specialist, and a Certified Health Coach.  Holistic Shape Up represents my philosophy on health and life. It is (as cliche as it sounds) my dream job!  It is my hope that, through my work, I can inspire you to live your best life. I blog about food, fitness, holistic health tips, and my everyday life!


Growing up, being active was a part of daily life – I played various sports, danced, and loved taking hikes and spending time outdoors; however, once I went to college, the coursework quickly took precedence over my own physical health, and I took on a very sedentary lifestyle filled with textbooks and laptops. After about a year of sitting in a med school classroom all day, five days a week, I decided it was time for a change: I saw how out of shape my body had become and stressed and low on energy I felt; I knew then that I needed to try something different. Well, running a marathon was always something I said I wanted to do, so I decided to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010, gave myself enough to train, and just did it (and then ran it again in 2011 and 2012!). Running a marathon showed me that my body is capable of so much more than I ever thought possible; it was such an amazing and humbling experience. Running has brought the whole world of fitness back into my life, and I could not be more grateful. Exercise is now a habit I truly enjoy, and I have witnessed amazing changes in not only my body’s strength, tone, and endurance, but also in my energy, stress, and confidence levels.


I love to eat, and I love to cook fresh foods in simple ways (and with lots of spices!)! I’ve learned that food is not only important in fueling my workouts, but also in fueling myself for my day – what I put into my body each and every day has a big effect on my health, my mood, and my energy levels. Over the years, I’ve found that a predominantly whole, unprocessed diet focused on plants is what works well with me. I forayed into vegetarian and vegan diets in the past for various reasons, but I have found that eating a plant-based diet of real and organic (if I can) foods and less processed junk is what makes my body feel its best. And if I want to have eggs (or a cookie made with butter) now and again, I will! It’s all about balance and listening to your body!


I’m a big believer in the idea that our life is intricately connected to the health of our bodies and that our body’s various parts are very interconnected with one another: health (or sickness) in one part will inevitably throw our entire body (and life) out of balance. The mind-body-spirit connection is one of the reasons I became so interested in holistic health; I believe my lifestyle can have a major impact on my health and happiness. In addition to seeing how food and exercise caused positive change in my life, I’ve come to see that our connection with others is just as important to our health – whether its through nourishing open relationships, volunteering, or simply being present to truly listen to those we meet – our bonds with others can greatly affect our own well-being.


Getting back to the basics – moving my body, eating well, and connecting with myself and others – has been the key to me discovering the life I want to lead! Taking a holistic lens to my life has empowered me to follow my own path and become the best version of myself. It is my hope that Holistic Shape Up will inspire you to take action today to change your reality and unearth the life you’ve always imagined for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or just want to say hello, feel free to comment on a post or email me at drsarah@holisticshapeup.com. I’d love to hear from you!